Employment-Based 2 Visas (EB-2)

Employment-Based 2 Visas (EB-2)

This category is for aliens of “exceptional ability” in the sciences, arts, or business, and advance-degree professionals. An “advanced degree” is classified as a Master’s Degree or higher. Note that the standard here is “exceptional” rather than “extraordinary” (as required for EB-1 visa status). An individual of “exceptional ability” is defined as an individual possessing a degree and level of expertise above that normally found in his or her field.

Evidence of “exceptional ability” includes: an official academic record demonstrating that the individual possesses the degree; letters from employers indicating that the alien has at least 10 years of experience in the job sought; licensure or certification in the profession (if required by the profession); membership in professional associations; and documentation of recognition for achievements and significant contributions to the field. With respect to the advance-degree aliens, the job offer must also require the advance degree. In addition, this category requires a job offer and labor certification, with the exception of an alien qualifying for a National Interest Waiver.

Checklist for National Interest Waiver:

  1. Degree certificates and, if applicable, records showing that your educational background is comparable to at least a Master’s Degree awarded in the United States.
  2. All publications, publication citations, abstracts, & invitations to conferences.
  3. Comments on your published works by critics/journal referees.
  4. Requests for reprints of your publications.
  5. Evidence of awards or honors received.
  6. Evidence of membership in professional associations.
  7. Details of the funding for your research projects or grants.
  8. List of persons providing you with recommendation letters, including their names, titles and employers.
  9. Newspaper articles describing the professional reputation of persons preparing your support letters.
  10. Your resume and publication list.
  11. Support letters.
  12. Copy of passport, visa and I-94.
  13. Copies of all documentation received from USCIS.

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