Intracompany Transferees Visa (L-1)

Intracompany Transferees Visa (L-1)

The L-1 Visa is available to Intracompany Transferees who have been employed outside of the U.S. for at least one of the prior three years. This foreign corporation must have a U.S. affiliate; the affiliate petitions for the transfer of the employee through L-1 visa status. “L” visa holders are exempted from the requirement of having to establish their continued non-immigrant intent.

This greatly facilitates the transition to an immigrant employment-based visa (green card”). L-1 visas are available to transfer executives, managers, or employees with specialized knowledge and their families.


  1. Business plan outlining the future investment scheme
  2. Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Share Certificates pertaining to both the U.S. and foreign corporation
  3. Proof of the alien’s qualifications as an executive, managerial, or specialized-knowledge employee
  4. Proof of the financial ability of the U.S. corporation to fund the employment of the proposed employee and the solvency of the foreign corporation
  5. In cases of newly formed U.S. corporations (less than one year), copies of the lease, permits, and other supporting proof of the viability of the U.S. business
  6. Evidence in the form of payroll records, that the employee has been employed abroad for at least one of the prior three years
  7. Employment verification letter from the foreign corporation

Our firm provides all the necessary services for owner-operators of foreign businesses who wish to form a U.S. corporation and establish the requisite corporate situation in the U.S. to qualify for L-1 approval.

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