Treaty Trader Visa (E-2)

Treaty Trader Visa (E-2)

The E-2 Treaty Investor visa allows nationals from countries which have trade treaties in effect with the U.S. to enter the U.S. for the purpose of developing a business. No USCIS approval is required for these visas. Change of status from another nonimmigrant visa category is available through the USCIS, but E visas are most frequently adjudicated directly by the consul. A substantial investment (generally over $100,000) is required. Factors such as creation of U.S. jobs and the potential for future growth are considered in adjudicating these visas. The E-2 visa is available to the principal investor as well as to essential employees.

There is no numerical cap on the years for which this visa is valid. Thus it is possible to remain in Treaty Investor status for many years. The treaty investor must always be prepared to establish to the consular officer that he intends to return abroad upon completion of his venture. He or she will have E visa status cancelled if he or she is unable to establish such intent.


  1. Business Plan outlining future investment scheme
  2. Substantial investment in the U.S. leading to the creation of U.S. jobs

The following is a list of information and documentation required for the preparation and processing of the E-2 Visa:

  1. Current number of U.S. employees and contractors, and their projected positions
  2. Proof of funds invested to date (e.g., copies of checks, transfers)
  3. Proof of bank account opened for U.S. company
  4. Occupational licenses and other related permits
  5. Tax ID numbers and income tax forms
  6. Contracts/receipts from vendors
  7. I-9’s, W-2’s, and copies of checks issued for wages and salaries for employees
  8. Copies of share certificates showing ownership of U.S. and Foreign companies
  9. Complete copies of articles of incorporation for U.S. and Foreign companies
  10. Copy of passport (biographic pages and all visa stamps) and I-94 card
  11. Social Security Number
  12. Photographs of Foreign Corporation and employees
  13. Substantial investment in the U.S. leading to the creation of U.S. jobs
  14. Business plan outlining future investment scheme

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